XMark Power Tower with Dip Station and Pull Up

Xmark Power Tower

XMark Power Tower with Dip Station and Pull Up Bar XM-4434
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Finding a power tower for your home use can be challenging. There are a lot to choose from and their price ranges go from 100-700 dollars.

Today I’m going to talk about the XMark XM 4434 power tower model as a logical choice for you to look at for your workouts at home.

Feature List

  • 14 Gauge Steel
  • Pull-up and  Dip Exercises
  • Dimensions: 82.8″ H x  24.8″ W  x 52.8″ L

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xmark 4434 power tower review

Xmark is a leading in the weight equipment industry.  They are a trusted manufacture that you know you can trust.  So, let’s look at the benefits, pros, cons, cost and where you can buy this 4434 power tower in this review below.  It could be the one just right for you!

XMark Power Tower XM-4434 Features

  • You can do knee raises, pull ups push-ups and sit ups.
  • It has the ability to do narrow or wide pull ups
  • The pads for knee raises are 4 inches thick
  • Heavy Duty 14-gauge steel frame and has a power coat that is scratch resistant
  • 2 dip handles spaced out just right with rubber grips.
  • The feet are skid resistant to it won’t slide around to damage your flooring.
  • It does have wheels on one side that help you move it around when needed.

XMark Power Tower Benefits

Man where do you start with what you can do with this power tower! From what I can tell this became very popular with the original p90x program. If you remember Tony Horton was famous for doing pull-ups, dips and push-ups during that workout.

What’s beautiful about this XMark model is that it has a station built for each one of those exercises. It goes a step further by adding an ab station that has 5 adjustable angles as well for stomach exercises.

You can definitely use this with the newest version of p90 called P90x3. You are still doing all the main 3 exercises and it would work great for it. Now, outside of that you have a great pull up bar and dip bar for normal routine exercises. It is plenty tall too, so it will be great for you six foot plus folks as well.

The one thing that I like about this is the push up grips on the bottom legs. You totally save your self from buying those extra push grips by having them built in!

Let’s look at a video of what exercises you can do with it below.

Dimensions & Setup

When it is all put together it comes in at 82.8 inches tall, 24.8 inches wide and 52.8″ in length. I did not see it officially on the xmarkfitness.com website but customer comments on amazon said it weights 200lbs.

Make sure have the storage space before you buy it. Measure twice cut once! 🙂  From the comments I read it took about 60 minutes to setup. I looked at the manual as well. It’s not rocket science. It just takes time tightening all the bolts and it’s a big piece of weight equipment so it takes longer.

Customer Reviews

As I dug into the customer reviews for this, I sorted it by most recent comments. This did come out in 2013 so the comments were a bit old. The new comments were very  positive seeing a guy who was 6′ 1″ weighing in at 200 lbs saying it was very solid. Another guy a bit short at 140 lbs like it and used the cross bar on the bottom as a step up to get to the pull up bar. 🙂

I did see a few people complain about their knees hitting the back rest that is used to do knee raises. As I watched the video above I totally get it. If you are a swinger doing your pull-ups then this definitely could happen and will happen until you get your core tight and get stronger at it. A simple solution is to literally just turn the other way and do the pull-ups facing away for the tower.


Over all this is a medium priced power tower that will do the job. It has all the major workout stations to get the job done. Keep in  mind of the total height of the tower as I mentioned above if you are putting this in your home gym at home. You want to  make sure it fits!  Now if you are a big dude and want something more sturdy they do make another model that weighs 600lbs called the XMark Deluxe. It is  more expensive but it is an option.

You can get this at a discounted price and also see other testimonials about the product before you buy the XM-4434 here.